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Terms and Conditions / Policies – CasaBeata Guesthouse

Our aim is to ensure your pleasant stay and to avoid any misunderstandings, so we would like you to familiarize yourself with our house rules!

Address of the guest house:

8318 Lesencetomaj

Operating data:

Tax number: 5597659-1-34
NTAK reg.no: MA20011869

Tax number private person, private accommodation provider

Address of owner:

8300 Tapolca, Toldi str. 22.

Contact the owner:

Hampuk Beáta

Website: https://casabeata.hu

Data management, billing:

At the time of valid booking, the guest’s contact phone number must be provided, which will be kept in case of any problems or important questions until the guest(s) leave.

The accommodation providers are obliged to provide information to the MTÜ (https://mtu.gov.hu). Upon arrival, the guest is obliged to hand over his/her personal documents (passport or identity card, address card) to the accommodation provider for data collection (with a BM document scanner). For more information on the mandatory data reporting, please click here: https://vizainfo.hu/szallashelyek.

If the guest does not wish to hand over his/her documents to the accommodation provider, he/she is also entitled to have his/her data recorded in advance by the accommodation provider.

You can download/read the necessary procedure here: https://casabeata.hu/wp/policies

Since the NAV requirement imposes an invoicing obligation on the service provider and the invoice must include the name and address of the party invoiced and, if a company, its tax number, and since the owner issues an e-invoice, we need your address card and e-mail address to fulfil this obligation, even if the guest registers the guest in advance in the My Guest programme.

If you do not wish to provide the owner with your address card, you can also email your billing address to hampukbeata@gmail.com.

The owner declares that he/she will not use the data of the guest(s) for any other purpose than and only for the above obligations and that the owner will not store the data in printed form. The data stored on the computer will be stored until the possibility to make a claim has expired.

Payment on arrival

Upon arrival, the guest is obliged to pay the balance of the accommodation fee, if not already paid.

Guests may only book rooms after payment of the full-service charge!

Arrival/departure time

The host can be contacted 24 hours a day by phone +36302688207.

Upon arrival, the host will personally welcome the guests and hand over the key and a copy of the house rules, which the guest must sign to accept. Our guesthouse is a family business, our working hours are varied and mostly adjusted to the arrival time of our guests, so it is important to agree on the time with each other. Accommodation can be booked between 15.00 and 21.00 on the day of arrival.

If you arrive later, please inform us by phone! If you fail to do so, we may not be able to accommodate you.

You must leave the accommodation by 11.00 on the day of departure, otherwise a surcharge will be applied.

Please let us know at the latest the day before what time you would like to leave the guest house so that we can be there to collect the keys.


(Non-hostel guests) are only allowed to stay at the property during the day until 23:00 with the permission of the host.


No smoking in the guest house, only in the courtyard. Electric cigarettes and IQOS also apply!

Please dispose of cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided.

Any animals, pets

may be kept on the premises only with the owner’s permission.

Pets must be checked for their needs and „by-products” must be collected and stored in a separate bag in the garden, which the owner will put in the bin with the waste on departure.

Open flame

Fires may only be lit in the designated place (bacon oven) and in accordance with the fire safety regulations in force! Make sure that the fire is not too big, which is dangerous because of the dense biomass in the environment! We provide firewood for our guests from broken and cut branches. Candle lighting is allowed inside the house. Important: open flames (candles, garden barbecues and any other open flame) are strictly forbidden to be left alone in any area of the property, personal presence near the flame is mandatory!


As the owner has to take care of another 4900 m2 garden in addition to the 2000 m2 garden of the guest house, most of the area is more like a natural field. Guests are free to pick fruit from the garden, as long as they are staying in the garden when it is in season. Please take care of the plants.


Due to the reduction of the heating bill (August 2022) and in order to avoid additional increases in the accommodation fees, the maximum guaranteed temperature in the guest house during the heating season (15 October – 15 April) is 20 degrees Celsius.


We strive to go above and beyond to ensure your hygiene and comfort. Please remember that guests may arrive a few hours after you have left. In order to guarantee them the same level of service, please take care of cleanliness. It is not a criterion, but we would appreciate it if you could remove your shoes at the entrance and bring your own slippers to use in the house. This will also ensure the comfort of the guest.

For longer stays, the host will change bed linen and towels for guests.

Guests staying for more than a week will be provided with a weekly cleaning service by prior arrangement. Extra cleaning is available on request at an extra charge. Extra charge: 2000.- HUF /per stay.


Catering is not included in our services, but we can provide meals in our well-equipped kitchen. Please ask the owner for the addresses of grocery shops and restaurants, who will be happy to provide you with information!

Two rolls of toilet paper, baby soap, a few days’ worth of sugar, salt, tea, coffee and coffee filters are provided so that guests arriving for short stays do not have to buy large quantities unnecessarily.

Free equipment is provided on request: iron and ironing board, scissors and sewing kit.

Information about programmes and the area

(post office, main attractions, places of excursions, beaches, etc.) the owner will be happy to provide information, please contact us!

You will also find some brochures in the guest house.

Medical practice

The nearest doctor’s surgery is in Zalaszántó, 3 km away, the address and opening hours can be found on the Vindornyalak website (http://www.vindornyalak.hu).

Important telephone numbers

In case of fire, serious accident or police matter, which you should call first:

Ambulance     104                    Fire brigade (disaster management)                        105

Police              107                    Emergency call centre (single European number)     112

Please also inform the owner on the telephone number at the top of the policy after calling any of the above numbers. Remember that you will be responsible for the consequences of any irresponsible call.


Damage caused on the property must be compensated for by the person who caused the damage or their legal representative.

Guests on the property and their liability are not insured by any insurance company!

We reserve the right to select our guests.

We do not accept guests under the influence of alcohol or with aggressive tendencies!

The owner has the right to cancel the accommodation if the guest does not respect the rules of the house and if he disturbs the peace. In this case the guest will not be refunded for any remaining days.

Guest complaints

Any complaint will be taken into consideration and will be resolved personally if possible.

In such cases, please contact the contact person/owner mentioned above 24 hours a day.


Guests are responsible for their own behaviour and that of their pets in the house and in the garden and are liable for any accidents.

By using the accommodation, it is understood that the guest has read, understood, and accepted the rules of the house. Non-reading or non-acquaintance with the terms and conditions/rules does not exempt you from the consequences!

If you are satisfied with …

… with the services of the accommodation, we welcome your review on the booking intermediary’s website (Airbnb, Booking, Accommodation.com, etc., or on Google Map).

I wish you a pleasant stay and a good holiday!

Hampuk Beáta